Asia Cai

Patient Experience Coordinator

Since a very young age, Asia has been passionate about health and fitness, spending most of her time doing martial arts and cross country at a competitive level. Her avid interest and curiosity in human movement and sport only continued to grow as she got older.

As of 2020, Asia turned her passion into a career as she began working towards her bachelor’s in Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. She has also taken the time to broaden her knowledge by training to become a certified personal trainer.

In the future, Asia hopes to pursue a career in active rehabilitation, as she learned to appreciate the integral importance of active rehab for relief of the pain and discomfort her mom was experiencing following a sporting injury, as well as its role in her mom’s successful return to the activities she loved. Thus, she strives to one day be able to do the same by helping others improve their function, mobility, and strength.

When she’s not focused on work or learning, Asia works on her own well-being, often hiking, lifting, or running outdoors. She also enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and trying new coffee shops.

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