Henry Ng


Henry wishes that all patients get well soon. However sophisticated the human body may be, he has been caring for health conditions with simple traditional methods. With a background in information theory and signal communications, and TCM, he hypothesizes and interprets all health conditions as being highly receptive to message-energy, often overlooked as the buzzword, Qi.

Henry conjectures that there is one vertical highly-conductive circuit: starting at the tailbone; along the dorsal cavity; along the face; along the ventral cavity; and, ending at the lower abdomen. His goal is to optimize methods, while maintaining, without compromising, the therapeutic effects. Cases are resolved by establishing a connection to this energy when taking herbs or receiving acupuncture.

Henry is dedicated to serve. The patient has health challenges and lessons to learn. The lotus also grows in muddy water and absorbs this nutrient. The patient overcomes the blockages. The lotus also rises out of the water. The patient recovers, and so too, the lotus flower stands above the water unsoiled. Henry understands how important it is to cooperate and to resolve each health concern, and to bring patients back on track with their personal commitments.

Outside of the practice, Henry enjoys: caring for others to help out; and developing his computer games to play.

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