Lianne Naguiat-Ong


Lianne holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree, is a Registered Clinical Counsellor through BC Association for Clinical Counsellors, and is certified through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

Lianne brings her knowledge and experience in providing support for adults, children, and youth with challenges including anxiety, stress, depression, relationship or interpersonal conflict, cultural transitions, family dysfunctions, loss and grief, and other life transitions and difficulties. Lianne understands the value in utilizing concepts and strategies from diverse therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Satir Method, Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy, Bowen Family Systems Therapy, and Non-Violent Communication. Lianne is a Level 1 TEAM-CBT Therapist with a strong interest in using the CBT model to treat various forms of anxiety, depression, unhealthy habits, and interpersonal conflict.

As a Licensed Early Childhood Educator, Lianne has a wealth of experience in working with children with special needs and neuro-typical children facing challenges related to anxiety, emotional regulation, social skills, and behavioural issues. At Vitality Integrative Health, she provides counselling to youth ages 10 and over.

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Lianne is offering both telehealth and in-clinic visits, and is also able to provide services in Tagalog.

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