Andy Cheng

Registered Massage Therapist

At a very young age, Andy has always been actively participating in sports. After a devastating injury, Andy tore his ACL twice while playing soccer, this resulted in discontinuing activities that were related to any sports. Without receiving proper guidance and education, Andy’s recovery time was prolonged. Which sent him on a journey to seek professional sports care for his injuries and research why there was a delay in his recovery.

Through this experience, he became extremely passionate about helping people recover from their injuries knowing first hand of what the set backs can be. This is when Andy discovered manual therapy and realized how much it could help people not only physically, but emotionally as well. He decided to pursue the profession of massage therapy to enhance his knowledge and skills towards helping patients return to the activities they love doing.

During his free time, he enjoys going to the gym, spending time with friends and taking walks with his dog.

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