Linda Li

Office Manager

My passion in life is exploring how to create a colourful and joyful experience everyday for myself and others. Whenever you see me I will always receive you with a smile.
My professional experience has always been rooted in working with people. I have over 20 years of banking experience and I currently own and operate my own online wellness business. I began my role as Front Desk Manager in 2018 as a part of the opening team. When Vitality asked me to be a part of their team, I knew it would be a great fit as we share a common value: Health. I believe health is your number one asset. I feel fortunate to provide support for the amazing team of practitioners and strive to create a seamless customer experience to enhance each person’s journey towards better health.
I have many hobbies to keep my world fun and enjoyable with hiking, dancing, watching superhero movies, eating out and sharing time with family and friends. I also love keeping my world colourful by painting what inspires me.

Cheers to your health!

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