Simran Dhillon


Simran is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and a member of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). Simran obtained her Master of Counselling Psychology degree to enhance her knowledge about mental health and learn new ways to work with diverse populations effectively. Simran provides counselling in English and Punjabi for individuals facing various challenges in their lives.

Through her volunteer and clinical experiences, Simran's passion for counselling grew as she formed empathic connections and provided emotional support to individuals with presenting concerns, including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, suicidal ideation, panic attacks, interpersonal conflicts, and self-esteem issues. Simran enjoys learning new therapeutic techniques and approaches for professional development to better address her clients' unique needs and goals in a culturally sensitive manner.

Simran utilizes a person-centered approach to therapy, which involves being authentic, non-judgmental, respectful, empathetic, and having positive regard for her clients. Her mission is to develop strong professional relationships with clients by creating an environment where they feel accepted, heard, understood, and safe to share their concerns openly. Simran writes, "I acknowledge that starting counselling may be unsettling at first. I hope to reduce that discomfort by establishing a robust therapeutic alliance while working alongside my clients to reach their goals and thrive in their healing journeys."

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