A Little Action That May Lead to a Longer Life

A Little Action That May Lead to a Longer Life

Just 10 minutes of moderate exercising such as walking daily can do several wonders for your health. In fact, a new analysis discovered that if everyone could walk 10 minutes daily, we could collectively prevent more than 111,000 deaths every year. Now more than ever, we need to be physically and mentally healthy to support the challenges that come with living in a fast-paced world. Physical activity doesn't need to be complicated. Something as simple as a daily brisk walk can help you live a healthier life.

From reduced stress and tension to increased energy levels, there are several surprising benefits of walking. Often we may find ourselves staring at the computer frustrated with a task at work, or unable to solve a complicated problem. Simply getting up fora stroll to step away from whatever is causing you distress helps instill some calmness, leading to a clearer head as well as improved mood by the release of endorphins. Breathing in fresh air and getting more blood to the brain during your quick stroll around the neighborhood may lead to greater attentiveness, self-confidence, and enhanced feelings of vigor and joviality.

According to a study published byPrevention, "Six hours of sitting [every day] restricts blood flow to your legs, which may up your risk for arterial disease, a precursor for heart attack or stroke. Just 10 minutes of walking may protect you.” Your circulation and arteries will truly appreciate that quick walk. Aside from improved blood flow, walking daily may also improve the quality of your sleep. Physical activity naturally boosts the effects of melatonin, the sleep hormone. At the same time, walking helps reduce pain and stress, which can cause sleep disturbances. What may seem surprising to some is that physical aches and pains come from underuse, not overuse. The muscles, ligament, tendons, and fascia become tight when not used often enough. Insufficient physical activity can result in increased tension relating to pain, particularly in the lower back and joints.To help our bodies stay limber, flexible, and pain free, walking is one of the greatest ways to get moving and keep moving.

Perhaps one of the most prominent motivators of walking is potential improved longevity.10-minute brisk walks every day, which are defined as fast enough that you can talk but you "can't sing," can shave your risk of early death by 15%as stated by leading health authorities at Public Health England (PHE) and theRoyal College of GPs. "I'd advise anyone of any age and activity level to start to fit in at least one 10-minute brisk walk a day as a simple way to get more active, especially those who may be taking medication for a long-term health condition—you will receive even more benefits from walking briskly for10 minutes or more a day," explained Muir Gray, a noted physician and professor in the UK.

These are just a few of the many reasons that you should begin walking daily. Get up and go engage in some kind of moderate physical activity for an extra 10 minutes today. Invite your friends, colleagues and aging parents to do the same. There should be no excuses to be unable to incorporate 10 minutes of your day for some form of motion. After all, a little additional physical activity can have a huge impact.